Online School

Weekly Islamic School for Children

The Islamic Weekly school for children is now open for in-person classes. The classes meet every Saturday from 10 am until Zuhur prayer. Enrollment is still open for children 5 years and older. To register your child please bring him/her on Saturday at 10 am.

Tuition fees are only $50 per month per child. Scholarships are also available.

Quarn Class

Free Quran Class for Adults

Free Quran classes for adults ( both men and women). Beginners and intermediate levels. The classes meet after Maghrib prayer on Sundays (intermediate) and Mondays (for beginners).

Food Pantry

Food Pantry Wednesdays

Food distribution takes place every Wednesday from 12:00 noon until 6 pm. Food includes fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, bread and dried goods in addition to meats.

Please spread the word out for people who are in need.

Muslim Women Monthly Gathering

This takes place at the neighborhood house community center 29 S Mills street, Madison, WI 53715. Please check on the exact dates of the gatherings by calling 608-395-7706.


Daily singles’ iftar

Please text (608) 395 7794 to sign up. Check back for more details closer to Ramadan 1445 inshallah.


Daily prayers

Fajer at 5:45 am
Zuhur at 1:30 pm
Asr at 4:50 pm
Maghrib 5 min after sunset
Isha andTaraweeh 9:10 pm