The Islamic Center of Madison on campus will open its door for the first time since the start of COVID-19. The plan is to start by opening for Jummah. The first Jummah will be the Friday of next week (April 2/21 ) In Shaa Allah. Khutbah will start at 12:30 pm

We will observe the following precautions for the safety of everyone;

1) wearing face masks.
2) social distancing- the prayer spaces will be marked 6 ft apart.
3) bathrooms will be closed and not accessible for wudu.
4) no prayer mats from outside will be allowed.
5) khubah and Salah will be shortened.
6) we have 30 prayer spots in the main praying area and the library while the sisters will occupy the mezzanine which has only 8 prayer spots.
7) we will have one Jummah to start but 2 Jummahs might be scheduled after that.
8) because of the limited space, we will follow first come- first served rule. So come early to secure a spot.
9) please follow the instructions of the volunteers who will direct you to your spot and what door you should enter and leave from.
10) we expect people to leave the center right after the prayer ends. No socialization inside the center.

Ibrahim Saeed
For ICMA and board of trustees

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